Why Aren’t I Moving Forward?

You’re not moving forward because you’re fixated on the past~

🤬 Failed once, won’t try again
🤬 Someone called you a nasty name and you still think about it years later
🤬 You’re trying to achieve something that you no longer want and doesn’t fire you up
🤬 You’re staying in a relationship cos of what you once had together
🤬 You’ve been friends for years and while you get nothing out of the relationship, you’ve been friends for years

Any of these sound familiar?

🥱 Societal and familial expectations
🥱 Tradition
🥱 Unhelpful beliefs
🥱 Relationship conventions

They’re an illusion you give life to by paying them heed

If you’re committed to becoming the person YOU want to be you aren’t going to get there by letting other people dictate how you should be acting.

You get to choose who you are in this very moment

And the next moment and the next


The past doesn’t even have to come into it

  1. Make the firm decision who you want to be
  2. Act like that person as dramatically and histrionically as you like
  3. Check yourself every 15 minutes and think, “Am I being who I want to be”
  4. Every morning look in the mirror and say, “Yeah!” while nodding slowly and arching an eyebrow.

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