What’s Your Goddamn Problem?

Whatever you think your problem is, it’s a by-product of actions you’ve taken that were driven by your Mindset.

Unless you change the series of attitudes, beliefs and opinions that created the thing you frame as a problem

You’ll always end up in exactly the same place
This is why people are the same, year after year

🥺Work hard for a promotion, fail the interview, stay in the same job for X more unfulfilling years
🥺You get a coach, learn some strategies, learn that it’s all within, wake up a year later and it’s still within.
🥺Lose some weight, quit the temporary diet, end up weighing the same or more than you did in the first place. WTF!
🥺Dump your inappropriate partner, swipe right on someone who looks hot, it’s the same person in a different body.

Get off that hamster wheel. Please.

Step 1. Figure out exactly what your problem is
Step 2. Isolate the belief system that got you there
Step 3. Change your Mindset to Align with exciting new goals that make your old patterns redundant

This process is so simple even I am able to do it

And I’m the BEST at teaching it

This is one the 3 biggest problems I’ve seen in my clients and mentees over the last 15 years…

Being stuck in a never-ending groundhog day of familiar and unhelpful patterns

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