The Power of Belief

What if none of your beliefs were true? Even the “deeply held” ones…
What would that mean to you?
You might be all dramatic and think that if everything you ever believed in wasn’t true, then what’s it all about?
Or you could frame it as a good thing because then you could purposefully choose to believe the right things for you
The beliefs that would best enable you to achieve your goals
😵 “but what if the beliefs that help me the most aren’t true?”
People always say that to me
Because they don’t know that they’re already choosing their non-legacy beliefs based on their world-view and then justifying them through a cognitive distortion
Very little is objectively true 😧
Too many fancy concepts there, let’s bring it down…
Here’s one very big fucking reason why deciding what to believe can be of huge benefit to you
🔥🔥 You can get whatever you want 🔥🔥
If you have goals but you don’t believe you’ll get them, you stand no chance
If you have goals, no matter how big, and start off with unwavering belief, you are halfway there…
“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill
1. Set the wonderful and amazing goals that you have in your heart
2. Understand where you are now
3. Check out that gap
4. Figure out what beliefs you’ll need to get you there
5. Install those beliefs
You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll start moving towards those goals
If you’ve been treading water for months, maybe years, and can’t quite figure out why
This is why:
✨ Your current beliefs aren’t Aligned with your goals ✨
I’m here to help you figure all this out, because you’ve probably never done this before with any degree of consistency, if at all. Let’s face it, this isn’t taught in schools.
I have a program might suit you called Inspired Life: Rebirth or I’m open to 1:1 coaching if that’s more your sort of thing. 

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