Stress Management with Self-Mastery

I have a very different approach to stress management than most people I talk to. I want to note first of all that I’m no doctor and this is what’s helped me and may well help you but for any health issues, a doctor is always a great option.

When I first started becoming successful in the Leadership sphere I began to extend my working hours. I worked longer hours and was always on call, constantly checking my emails and spent much of my time socializing with people from work. I worked away from home a lot and frequently added more and more to my plate in order to prove myself.

All a complete waste of time. Companies are rarely grateful for that level of effort and they certainly didn’t pay me double for working 90 hours a week.

I started having trouble sleeping and my mother noticed that my face was red all the time. My doctor asked me if I was suffering from stress and I scoffed at the thought. I was young, successful and kicking ass, how could I be stressed?

But I was and I just didn’t know it. And I knew nothing of stress management.

Of course it caught up with me in the end and I had to step back from working myself into the ground.

It hurt and I vowed to never let myself get into that position again.

Now, I avoid stress like the plague. Because it is like a plague. It’s dangerous. Lethal even.

Stress Management

Here are 3 incredibly powerful techniques I use in managing stress levels.

Narrowing Thoughts

This is quite controversial as people in my immediate vicinity don’t like it

I try to keep the things I think about to a minimum. This consists of things like:

✅Writing Things Down
✅Utilizing a Calendar
✅Removing the Minutiae

While I forget more things now than I used to I’m fine with it.

Not Taking Things Personally

One thing that really used to annoy me is if someone didn’t have the same opinion as me.

How stupid does that sound when you read it?

In fact a lot of people are like that. If they see something they don’t agree with they try to change other people’s opinions, get into arguments or even impact their relationships in their desperation to be correct.

Now I just don’t care, because anyone can have any opinion. It doesn’t make me wrong or make my opinion less valuable to me.

Where this also helps is when I get “haters”. For example when someone

😡Doesn’t like the way I drive
😡Doesn’t like something I write on my site or social media
😡Doesn’t agree with my thoughts on Self-Mastery or Life Coaching

and sends me an angry or abusive or sarcastic comment or message

I let it wash over me like water off a duck’s back.

I don’t take it personally.

Angry people are angry with themselves, not me. Negative people don’t need me making their life worse by getting adding even more negativity.

I don’t need their negativity either and I refuse to take it on board.

stress management

Say NO

I just say NO

People are astonished at this one

Generally my rule of thumb is:

If it’s not advancing my goals, I don’t do it

This is extremely liberating. I don’t let myself feel shamed into doing anything I don’t really want to.

🥂Say NO to time wasting activity
🥂Say NO to other people’s dramas
🥂Say NO to almost everything

Saying “no” to others is saying “yes” to yourself.

There you have it, you have to be brave to assume control of your life and the harsh reality is that you may lose friends when you do.

But you’ll be taking control of your life and managing your stress for those who most need you.

Totally worth it

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