Situational Confidence – The Key to Success

How To Create Situational Confidence

Are you an expert in your job but start to sweat if you have to talk about it in front of people?

What about life and soul of the party but become a shrinking violet if you have to speak to somebody new? 😲

You can fix it

You must fix it!

situational confidence

How much money is it costing you when you don’t have the confidence to take that promotion or speak to those clients like you’re the one in control?

How many potential love interests have you let get away because you were too scared to approach them?

Regret is a yucky feeling, my friend

What’s good about situational confidence is that all confidence is situational

We see someone who is confident in meeting people and we imagine that he or she is a powerhouse of self-assuredness in every aspect of life

That’s simply not always the case

They might be absolutely awful in some other areas

Their confidence might even be a sham

There is an attribute that can carry you through all situations, but that’s another story. Happy to talk with you about it.

Do you have an area where you fear to show up?

Drop “SITCH” in the comments and I’ll send my simple and foolproof strategy to overcome any obstacle

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