The Self-Esteem Solution

Dear Friend

Do you ever worry that you’re not good enough?

Do you find it difficult to speak up and prioritize your own needs??

Do you find yourself saying sorry for no real reason?

Do you feel guilty about not doing enough for other people?

If so, it won’t be a surprise to know that you might be struggling with your self-esteem.

Do you want to get to the next level in business, in your finances, in your life, but lack the decisiveness to advance rapidly?

Do you lay awake at night, wondering why you just can’t seem to take that step that you know you should?

If any of that sounds like you, please keep reading…

I was once where you are:

Envious of other people, but unwilling to put myself out there

The fear of looking stupid too great

“What if nobody wants me?”

“What if nobody likes me?”

Not any more

Now, I have the self-assurance to think

“If they don’t like me, I don’t care, it’s their loss.”

My happiness isn’t dependant on anyone else but myself!

The change wasn’t difficult, but it wasn’t instant

I had to work at it, and still do…

It can be a full-time job being this awesome (just kidding, it’s more of a part time job 😊)

As with most things, it’s a matter of knowledge and importantly, execution

Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of people increase their levels of confidence, self-esteem, manage their mindsets and achieve success in many areas

And, relevant to this conversation, I’ve refined a process that can help you overcome many of your self-esteem related issues:

✅Never again fear to speak up and speak out

✅Indecisiveness will become a thing of the past

✅Rejection becomes a non-issue

✅Shyness? Shmyness.

I’ve re-built my flagship course to make it more accessible to everyone who needs it. At a price that makes it literally a no-brainer.

The Self-Esteem Solution is a transformational program for people who are sick and tired of finishing second when they have the skills and knowledge to be Number 1!

💲More self-belief
💲More growth
💲More freedom
💲More happiness

This coaching and mentorship experience exists to help you gain the self-esteem that’s hiding inside of you, and because I can’t bear to see someone suffering when they should be winning.

As a result, you’ll become the respected, socially and financially successful winner you’ve always wanted to be.

Here’s what previous clients have said about working with me:

“Rand has consistently given me the guidance to succeed within my business. I started out as cautious and indecisive and Rand has helped motivate me so that I am constantly looking at ways to push myself out of my comfort zone.“

“Since my change in mind-set, I secured my role as manager, then a month later become seconded within a senior management role, virtually doubling my salary within 8 months! Outside and personal goals linked to my hobby which is sport related, I’ve actually smashed this personal goal and now I’ve a more blue sky way of thinking about what’s next”

“Personally and professionally I’m now going from strength to strength seeing a recent huge promotion and a much happier home life. I could not recommend Rand enough he will change your life.”

The Self-Esteem Solution is a 3 part process to take you from mere achiever to unstoppable winner:

🎯Part 1: Focus Your Mind

Cutting to the heart of exactly what you want out of life gives you the power to take sustained effective action, every day.

I’ll help you develop the rock-solid focus you need to aim high and GET SHIT DONE! When you lock into this level of drive, playing small becomes a thing of the past – no distractions, no wasted time.

🎯Step 2: Discover Massive Self-Esteem

The ability to act in the face of adversity is the key to all success. When you believe in yourself 100%, you’ll do ANYTHING get what you want – and you won’t stop until you get it.

When you finish Step 2, you’ll have the power to destroy negativity, conquer all self-doubt and become impervious to the nay-sayers and haters in your life. You’ll forget feeling ‘not good enough’ and instead KNOW your success is guaranteed.

🎯Step 3: The Victor’s Mindset

How many times have you started something, excited and motivated, and then given up? Maybe it turns out to be harder than you think, or you get distracted by the daily grind. Then you look back a year later and you’ve achieved nothing.

After you complete Step 3, you’ll have the power to follow through on your plan, to keep focused on what matters, and get the results you’ve always wanted.

You’ll also get:

🔥2 live coaching calls with me; a successful super coach, leadership consultant and mentor with over 15 years of experience of successfully helping people.

🔥My unbeatable system of learning, retaining and embedding knowledge at a rapid rate

🔥The 10-minute video that helps you to create any habit you choose while simultaneously enabling massive organisational skill (I know this sounds too good to be true, which is why my business coach has begged me to sell this as a separate program at 10X the cost)

🔥High Fiving the Universe – More than a dozen mind-hacks to create the ultimate mindset and fast-track your achievement.

🔥Unlimited Messenger support for 2 months

“I implemented one thing that Rand told me two years ago and it changed me dramatically. I lost more weight than I care to think about, stopped smoking and started a new company that’s more aligned to my long-term goals. Now I’m back working with him again and we’re f***ing crushing it.”

“I thought I couldn’t break 6 figures until I met Rand and enrolled in his coaching course. I’d just lost a major client and was in a bit of a state. I was single and losing faith in myself. Almost instantly, Rand had me changing my state, setting goals, making more money and speaking to people with confidence. It seemed so simple but without his guidance I would still be broke and single. I got the next client I pitched and this gave me even more confidence to start changing my life to something I could be proud of.”

“You told me something at the beginning of this program that I didn’t believe and I set out to prove you wrong. Instead you changed my life!”

OK, let me clear about something:

If you’ve ever tried ridding yourself of your shyness, poor decision making, fear

You know how easy it is to get distracted, discouraged, or just give up and quit.

How long have YOU been trying?

How long has that promotion, big deal or new relationship eluded you?

Think of all the money and opportunity you’ve left on the table just staying where you are.

The price for this course right now is only £299.

Wait, what…?

I know, right.

That’s almost free, but I’m in this game to help people, not spend my life trying to convince people to buy my stuff

I’m not stupid though. I know that once you’ve worked with me and seen the level of success you’ve gained, you’ll want more

But beware, it won’t stay at that price for long

And when you look back in 3 months time, you’ll say to yourself “You know, everything changed after I took Rand’s program.”

You can either up-level your life or stay where you are.

The real question is: Can you afford NOT to do this right now?

I’ll be honest, I don’t believe you should ever say you can’t afford something. That’s bad money mojo. So to help you with this, you can pay in installments of 2 x £100 plus 1 x £99. Yeah, know you’re shocked that I don’t charge more for paying in installments.

Now if you wanted more 1:1 sessions (more than the 2 that comes with the standard version of the product) I’ll give you a reduced rate on my usual 1:1 fee, just ask.

Here’s the thing:

I’m 100% sure The Self-Esteem Solution will work for you.

I know it, and I’m so confident you’ll change your life forever I’m offering a money back guarantee.

If at any point before the first coaching session, or 2 weeks have passed, you decide you no longer want massive positive transformation, I’ll refund you every penny you’ve paid me.

Can’t beat that, right?

So if you’re sick of feeling bad about yourself and thinking that you’re 2nd best and are ready to finally become the incredible success you’ve always wanted to be, reach out now…