Mindset Boss Academy

Mindset Boss Academy is for business owners and solopreneurs who have an online presence and want to take their earning potential and efficiency to the next level.

As a business mindset coach and leadership consultant, I will teach you how to adopt the habits of the ultra successful.

This program will suit you if:

✅ Your income is up and down and even when it’s up, it’s not enough for you

✅ You often spend hours working and have nothing to show for it

✅ You struggle to show up effectively for potential and existing clients

✅ You rely on the intermittent leads and clients you get but really want a constant pipeline of interested customers

✅ You’ve done courses before but all they gave you were some boring strategies which you tried and nothing came of it

✅ You see other people in your industry who are crushing it and they’re not even as good as you!

✅ You cannot keep motivated no matter what you do

✅ You lie awake at night worried about where this is going to end up

Trying to make a better life for yourself and your loved ones is tough, but you can’t give up.

You must not give up.

Success is within your grasp, you just need to harness your abilities to grab hold of it

So how does the Mindset Boss Academy work?

It’s a coaching and video based mentoring programme in which I reveal the things I learned over 15 years in business, many of those in senior leadership positions or grinding my own way to modest success and finally deciding that I would do what the 98% wouldn’t.

You see, what I teach here is not just information, it’s transformation. You won’t come out the other end of this program with a bunch of useless knowledge, but with a practical set of principles you can use in whatever endeavour you see fit. You will be a different person, closer by miles to the person you eventually WANT to become.

I couldn’t list all of the things you’ll get from this course as there are dozens and it would make this too long to read, but the main headings are:

  1. Clearly define the exact things you’re working towards and the precise steps you need to take in order to achieve them
  2. Creating an organised and systematic route for achievement so fool-proof that it won’t even feel like you’re accomplishing two or three times as much as before
  3. Train yourself to take the correct actions, confidently and with a decisiveness you won’t believe
  4. Create a formidable business resilience that will enable you to maintain your forward momentum no matter what happens (even another pandemic!)
  5. Give up procrastination
  6. Never fear rejection or failure
  7. Make more money faster

What outcomes will you see when you apply what you’ve learned on Mindset Boss Academy?

🔥 You’re going to feel more confident prospecting and landing more clients

🔥 You’re going to feel better about charging what you’re worth

🔥 You’re going to be able to work as many hours as you want without burnout or boredom (Yeah I know, most people will tell you they can help you work just 2 hours a day. If that was me I’d work 10 hours a day and make 5 times more money!)

🔥 You’re going to increase your skills and income exponentially by being able to stay the course no matter what happens, day in and day out

So, who isn’t this offer for?

⛔ Someone without a business or something to sell or services to offer

⛔ Someone who doesn’t know how to do their job

⛔ Someone who doesn’t want to work hard and succeed like a champion

⛔ Someone who has no time, no drive and no desire

but if you…

👍 Have a business, a product that customers will love or passionate about helping people

👍 Are excellent at what you do and have an open mind about how to get better

👍 Want to succeed so much you will do what it takes

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship

How much does it cost?

Less than you might think for something that’s going to help you so effectively increase your productivity and bottom line.

A recent client tripled his already decent income within a year and it’s not unusual to see my customers instantly adding three figures to their monthly income by efficiently doubling down on their second income streams with my guidance.

If that’s you, you’ll be able to earn back what you paid within a month after completing this 8 week course. For the non mathematically gifted (that’s me) it’s a low 4 figure outlay. And if you’re in lockdown, I’ll reduce that by 30%.

Speaking of lockdown, this is the absolute best time to create another income stream or start that business you’ve been thinking about. Don’t wait for another single second, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. A global pandemic is a pretty bloody big sign!

Everything I teach, I use myself and I have a mind-blowing origin story that is too self-indulgent to tell now, but I started off with plenty and then ended up with absolutely nothing. I’m now back to plenty and I want you to be there too.

If anything I say has resonated with you, reach out. Let’s chat on messenger or video if you like. I’m a notoriously non-pushy kind of guy so you don’t have to be concerned that I’m going to try any tricks to get the sale 😊

The best time to start your journey towards achieving your goals and creating security for yourself and your family was 10 years ago (as long as you’re over 28), the second best time is right now!