Love To Sell

The right Offer

The right Mindset

The Sales skills to match

It’s one of the greatest tragedies in modern business

🔥 You’ve got big ideas
🔥 You’ve got big plans
🔥 You’ve got an amazing skillset
🔥 You’ve got something really important to say

But you just can’t close the deal

In fact, you can’t even get to the deal

❌ You think sales is sleazy and icky
❌ You doubt yourself, you doubt your offer, why isn’t it selling?
❌ You don’t want to bother people, is there a better way?
❌ You don’t want to look bad
❌ You don’t want to look greedy
❌ You’re terrified of rejection
❌ You think your offer may be too expensive

If any of these relate to you, you won’t be showing up as effectively as possible for your potential clients and for yourself

In fact you might not be showing up at all

The Fear of Making Sales is an insidious one. You might think you’re being righteous, hiding in the background, not shoving what you got in people’s faces, but the simple fact is that people NEED what you have to offer

And instead of buying your product, and getting your services, they’re taking the offers that they get from people with fewer reservations than you

You’re leaving money on the table, it’s that simple…

How would your life change if you got an extra 5 or 10 sales a month?

Or even 1 sale a month?

In this program I teach you how to get over all of that

✈️ Why you’re afraid to make offers
✈️ How to fall so in love with what you sell, that you feel confident offering it to people, even at a high price (but the right price)
✈️ How to get past the most common blocks to making consistent, frequent and appropriate offers
✈️ How to get over the fear of rejection
✈️ How to get into the state of ultimate sales success and stay there
✈️ How to change your money mindset so no outdated conditioning or paradigms get in your way

There are 9 core videos for you to watch and learn from at your leisure. Homework, easy homework, is included, because you know what? Wealth doesn’t create itself. There’s some work involved, but it doesn’t even feel like work when it’s this exciting.

There are 6 coaching sessions, each with a specific theme, that you can attend when you want.

And that’s not all

I set you away with a challenge that you WILL meet

You learn how to sell by chat. Socially. Ethically.

And I also include my incredible system of setting up powerful habits that lead to Quantum Leaps and Unbreakable Discipline

And finally, my best-selling program, The Self-Esteem Solution is included to help you rid yourself of any self-doubt once and for all so you can truly recognise your worth and live the life you always dreamed of for yourself

All you need to do now is send me a message and I’ll get right back to you.