Living Like You’ve Already Succeeded – Is This Complete BS?

I know a guy who took this advice and blew all his savings, trying to act like he had an abundance of money, like he had millions. He’s still trying to make money by pretending the Universe is going to give it to him and won’t take my advice because it’s too practical. He totally missed the point of “living as if…”
First of all, I don’t know any multi-millionaires who just burn through all their cash in short order
And b) what he was doing was living how a person with a poverty mindset would act if they won a million bucks, which is why so many lottery winners end up going bankrupt
Living like you’ve already succeeded means you’ve got to change your internal representation of yourself to match that of the person you want to be
Here’s a great example:
I used to love smoking. It was cool AF, everyone I knew smoked, it was social etc
I knew it was stupid but every time I tried to give up, I just started again. My internal representation of myself was “I like a smoke with a drink, it’s not that bad if you don’t overdo it etc”. I once even promised myself that I’d only smoke if I was having a beer.
Obviously I started drinking beer every day.
The instant I became a father (about 7 weeks into the whole process) I never smoked again. I changed my internal representation to, “Smoking sucks, I’m throwing my son’s money away, I’ll die sooner so I’ll spend less time with him and he might be sad about that.”
From that moment on, whenever anyone offered me a cigarette it was like they were offering me a giant, poisonous, decomposing slug. There was no way I would smoke. It was like the outrage I experienced once from an ex, health-conscious girlfriend, “Do I look like I eat cake?”
Whenever you set goals, it would be ideal if you could imagine what it would be like to experience life with that goal already achieved.
Take the mindset of that person and install it now.
Like it or not, when your world changes and you get more of what you want, your internal representation of yourself changes which in turn changes your external world. And it not only changes you, but it changes the way you approach life. Your actions will be different and you will get different results.
The more you fine tune your mindset toward that which you desire, the more aligned you become with that desire and the more likely you are to achieve it.
If you’re interested in adopting the mindset that will lead you to where you want to be, without losing all your cash, my flagship program, Love to Sell might be right up your street.
While there is some ready made content in my program, it’s coaching led, which means the 1:1 coaching is tailored to you
We look at how you feel about yourself. If you’re unsure about your own abilities and worthiness this will manifest itself in procrastination, self-sabotage and will deter prospects.
My best-selling program, The Self-Esteem Solution is part of the package so you can start to deliver the love. To Yourself!
Then we’ll take a look at how you feel about selling, and money in general. We’ll focus your beliefs and opinions in the right way to align with your unique goals.
I will personally help you adopt the attitudes and beliefs of the person who has what you want. It’s the same you, but you believe different things. Things aligned with earning the amounts of cash you want, instead of the things that keep you from earning the amounts you want

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