Life Coach in Newcastle Upon Tyne

I became a Life Coach in Newcastle to help people, which is no rare thing for someone in this profession, but it started off with a very specific group of people.

For 15 years I’ve lived in Newcastle Upon Tyne and have grown to look upon this city as my home. You only need to speak with me to know I’m not a local, but my fondness for the people of Northeast England shouldn’t be underestimated. My children will grow up as Geordies and their mother is about as dyed-in-the-wool a Novocastrian as you can get.

There is one thing I would change in an instant.

The fixed mindset.

There are many factors that contribute to the preponderance of the fixed mindset in this part of the world and I’m not going to delve into them. My knowledge of the socio-political landscape is surface-level at best and I’m sure some brainbox would jump on the opportunity to shove my ignorance in my face.

Local Life Coaching

It’s enough to say that, globally, self-belief is a rare commodity and equally so in this wonderful corner of the world.

Many people just don’t see their potential.

They doubt the possibility of social mobility

They don’t believe in themselves

But I do believe in them and I want to help as many people as I can to break through their social conditioning, smash through the fixed mindset and assume control of their lives.

It’s also fair to say that as a Life Coach in Newcastle it’s easier for me to work with local folk, simply because it’s more enjoyable and efficient to work with people face-to-face.

You build stronger bonds, quicker and get results faster.

While I’m not the cheapest (and why would anyone want the cheapest) Life Coach in Newcastle, I do consider myself amongst the very best in the UK and I’d like to dispel any misgivings by offering a 30% discount on any 1-2-1 or package coaching to anyone residing in the region.

So you could hire me to help you attain Self-Mastery or take advantage of my mentoring and coaching systems at a greatly reduced price.

Reach out to me and let’s have a brief chat about your needs.


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