Never Too Late

Imagine you were 20 years old
You sat down and made a plan for your life
You decided upon half a dozen things you were going to achieve in two decades
And you spent all of your time working towards those things
You changed some of them over the years
But not once did you short-change your future self
In fact because you acted on your goals every day
And reviewed your progress so regularly
You made more progress than you originally planned
When you turn 40…
✅ You’re the envy of your buddies
✅ You don’t have to work for a boss, you’re the boss
✅ You don’t scrape by
✅ You didn’t panic when the virus hit
✅ You’re not stressed
✅ You’re incredibly optimistic about the future 🥂
Now, imagine you didn’t do none of that shit when you were 20
Instead you just partied all the time, worked a crap job
You fell into a couple of promotions
Life’s ok, but you’re unsure about the future
Can you give your kids everything you want?
Can you give YOURSELF everything you want?
Yeah, you can
Do what you should have done 20 years ago
But you’re in an even BETTER position now
You sowed your oats
You drank all the beer/prosecco
You don’t have to worry about those distractions
Just don’t wait another 20 years to pull your finger out of your ass
Want some help?
Let’s talk

It’s Not COVID Making You Miserable

What’s making you miserable are your memories and your expectations

What’s come before and what you believe will happen in the future

We can break that down further and just say that it’s the things you are thinking that are preventing your happiness

Imagine how you would feel if you could stop those bad memories from popping up

Or if you could stop fretting about what might happen in the future

How much happier would you be?

My book, High Fiving the Universe, outlines how to do this in simple terms

Even better, it’s free for my buddies and it’s not some lame 10 page PDF either, it’s an actual proper book.

The Secret to Mega Self-Confidence in ANY Social Situation

Imagine if you were invited to a fancy cocktail party where you didn’t know anyone.
When you got there you realised that everyone was
✅Significantly richer than you
✅Better dressed than you
✅Probably really smug
How would you feel?
Possibly a little intimidated?
A bit concerned how well you’d fit in?
Maybe scared of making a fool of yourself…
For many people this is a absolute nightmare
You might just mutter “fuck it” and turn around and walk right out of there
Unless of course you knew the simple secret to be confident
With anyone
Which is…
People don’t give a shit about you, they give a shit about themselves 😲
That’s it
Sound cynical?
It’s not, it’s great
When you’re thinking, “I hope nobody thinks I’m boring, ugly or stupid.”
Other people are thinking, “I hope this new person finds me interesting, attractive and smart.”
People are much too concerned with themselves to be concerned with you.
So, how can you use this to your advantage?
You can use the No1 most interesting conversation piece ever
The other person.
😻 Hey, that’s really interesting, I bet you have a really great job
😻 You look amazing in your dress, red really suits you
😻 I never thought of it that way, you’re really smart!
Sound cheesy?
Sound easy?
Maybe, but who cares, it works.
Practice those two things and you’ll never struggle again
One mindset
One strategy
If you’re shy or nervous to interact you’re going to miss out
There’s no two ways about it
If you find yourself wanting, so badly, to get involved but can’t bring
yourself to get the words out
Message me and let’s work on changing that

Fear of Failure

When you fail or make a mistake
You believe that it says something about you
That, at the very core of your being

You’re not good enough

You’re unworthy

You’re worse than other people who didn’t fail

You know what I’m going to say here, right?
Obviously that’s all complete crap
It doesn’t mean anything about you
Except for one thing

You tried
You made the attempt
You got up off your fat ass and did something


When you look at it that way
You should be more terrified of not failing
Nobody succeeds first time at everything
Competence takes effort!
Imagine never failing
You’d be a drooling idiot
You would have learned NOTHING
At High School I put in zero effort
Because it was all easy
I never failed
And then when I went to University
I was that drooling idiot
I had learned NOTHING
Because I hadn’t tried before that


Enough of my failures

Here’s what you can do to smash the fear of failure…
Start failing
Take that funny feeling in your gut
That apprehension
The worry of “what if”
And make it your signal to GO GO GO!
And then when you fail, learn from it
Take a moment to appreciate what happened and what you can do better next time

Then you can join the ranks of such epic failures as Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, JK Rowling
Total losers like that
Who failed miserably but didn’t give enough of a shit to let it stop them
When you become indifferent to failure
Even welcome it
You will be INVINCIBLE

In my 1:1 program, The Confidence to WIN, I teach my clients how to take the fear of failure and turn it into a lust for success, a massive desire for achievement
No more dithering
No more doubt
Drop me a message and let’s chat


Why Being Right Is Often An Indicator Of Low Self-Esteem

Why Being Right Is Often An Indicator Of Low Self-Esteem

If you’ve ever voiced an opinion on Social Media

You know this to be true:

There’s always someone who will tell you that you’re wrong

Here’s the fun part

If you have even a small amount of self-awarenessYou’ll know that:

You can’t change someone’s mind by arguing at them

Nobody gives a shit about proof

Nobody cares what you think anyway

So arguing is a waste of time

I much prefer

Stating my opinion

Reading your opinion

Living a happy life

If your opinion is different to mine

Big fucking deal

If you have low self-esteem however

You need to PROVE yourself right and bend other people to your way of thinking

You’ll try to be clever and foolishly believe other people are reading your words and thinking “o o he’s intelligent”

You’ll put laugh emojis on imagining that anyone gives a shit

And maybe some people do give a shit, but they’ve also got low self-esteem and need to prove themselves in the court of public opinion

People with high self-esteem are prepared to be wrong

For multiple reasons but the one that’s germane here

Is that being wrong doesn’t impact how they feel about themselves

They don’t need to prove themselves because they have great self-worth

Their self-esteem doesn’t come from what they THINK other people believe of them

But from what they KNOW of themselves

This is one of the first major mindset breakthroughs I teach my 1:1 clients in my 3 month coaching course, the Confidence to WIN. I not only help you uncover false beliefs that keep you back, but empower you to decide what you are going to believe about yourself

Send me a message if you’d like to have a quick chat about how you can create unstoppable self-belief and change your life forever.