Living Like You’ve Already Succeeded – Is This Complete BS?

I know a guy who took this advice and blew all his savings, trying to act like he had an abundance of money, like he had millions. He’s still trying to make money by pretending the Universe is going to give it to him and won’t take my advice because it’s too practical. He totally missed the point of “living as if…”
First of all, I don’t know any multi-millionaires who just burn through all their cash in short order
And b) what he was doing was living how a person with a poverty mindset would act if they won a million bucks, which is why so many lottery winners end up going bankrupt
Living like you’ve already succeeded means you’ve got to change your internal representation of yourself to match that of the person you want to be
Here’s a great example:
I used to love smoking. It was cool AF, everyone I knew smoked, it was social etc
I knew it was stupid but every time I tried to give up, I just started again. My internal representation of myself was “I like a smoke with a drink, it’s not that bad if you don’t overdo it etc”. I once even promised myself that I’d only smoke if I was having a beer.
Obviously I started drinking beer every day.
The instant I became a father (about 7 weeks into the whole process) I never smoked again. I changed my internal representation to, “Smoking sucks, I’m throwing my son’s money away, I’ll die sooner so I’ll spend less time with him and he might be sad about that.”
From that moment on, whenever anyone offered me a cigarette it was like they were offering me a giant, poisonous, decomposing slug. There was no way I would smoke. It was like the outrage I experienced once from an ex, health-conscious girlfriend, “Do I look like I eat cake?”
Whenever you set goals, it would be ideal if you could imagine what it would be like to experience life with that goal already achieved.
Take the mindset of that person and install it now.
Like it or not, when your world changes and you get more of what you want, your internal representation of yourself changes which in turn changes your external world. And it not only changes you, but it changes the way you approach life. Your actions will be different and you will get different results.
The more you fine tune your mindset toward that which you desire, the more aligned you become with that desire and the more likely you are to achieve it.
If you’re interested in adopting the mindset that will lead you to where you want to be, without losing all your cash, my flagship program, Love to Sell might be right up your street.
While there is some ready made content in my program, it’s coaching led, which means the 1:1 coaching is tailored to you
We look at how you feel about yourself. If you’re unsure about your own abilities and worthiness this will manifest itself in procrastination, self-sabotage and will deter prospects.
My best-selling program, The Self-Esteem Solution is part of the package so you can start to deliver the love. To Yourself!
Then we’ll take a look at how you feel about selling, and money in general. We’ll focus your beliefs and opinions in the right way to align with your unique goals.
I will personally help you adopt the attitudes and beliefs of the person who has what you want. It’s the same you, but you believe different things. Things aligned with earning the amounts of cash you want, instead of the things that keep you from earning the amounts you want


Or results that are just sooo slow? 

Exponential growth is more than possible 

It’s an inevitable outcome of taking the correct actions 

But you’ve got to put aligned work in 

One of my mentors earns a ridiculous amount of money 

And works 2 days a week 

But she put decades of hard work to get there 

You want to work a 4 hour week without many years of learning, prep and effort 

Good luck, call me when you get there and I’ll be over the moon for you 

Until then, put in the precise amount of work you need 

To get where you want 

Don’t devalue your dreams to match your current levels of laziness 

Level up your work ethic, strategies and performance to achieve your goals 

Jim Rohn famously said, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” 

Ignore that  

Stop wishing yourself better and make yourself better 

It’s in your hands 

✅Double your productivity 

✅Reduce distractions 

✅Achieve more, in less time 

So you can scale your income, your free time or a lot of both 

In Love to Sell we work together on setting up a process for you that enables this growth and freedom.  

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Time Rich AND Cash Rich – Let’s Do It!

This is massive.

If you’re thinking it’s going to be easier to

a) sign up 10+ clients a week and
b) deliver a top grade service to those customers

you’re opening yourself up to a world of pain

You’ll either have to provide very little in the way of personal service and I don’t know many people who want to work that way, or you’ll have to have no life

One of the first things we look at in Love To Sell is your offer and often it comes down to MAKING YOUR LIFE EASIER.

It’s no use making a ton of cash if you’ve got to work yourself to the bone to get there and maintain high levels of income.

Cash rich AND time rich, let’s do it.

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To your success


Do you feel that people take advantage of you?

I’ve got GOOD news and BAD news:

The bad news is; that’s on you

The good news is…That’s OK plus you can do something about it instantly 👊

The main reason that people allow others to take advantage of them is that they fear rejection

Every day on social media I see some genius posting that you shouldn’t “give a fuck” what other people think of you, while themselves using edgy language to gain some sort of reaction ironically proving how much of a fuck they do give what other people think of them.

Why do people fear rejection? It’s the same fear people have of being wrong Of being second best. It’s the fear of being unworthy, of being a shit person

🤗 If a stranger on Facebook calls you a hippy, or a piece of trash and you start to wonder if it’s true

🤗 If your crush laughs in your face and you feel bad

🤗 If someone has a different opinion to the one you read a book about and are now a world-renowned expert in and you must prove them wrong 🥱

It’s because you’re not secure in who you are

When you are secure

🙌 It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, even if they think you give a fuck, you’re not bothered

🙌 The feeling of rejection lasts at most zero seconds

🙌 People who don’t agree with your expertise are just people with a different level of understanding

and most pertinent of all, and maybe most helpful:

🙌 You can say NO

You don’t have to babysit anyone’s feelings

You don’t care if people exit your life if you don’t meet their expectations (in fact you might just remove them proactively)

And best of all you can do it without turning into some tedious Edgelord going around telling everyone how much of a fuck you don’t give

Here’s how:

1. Make a list of all your beliefs about yourself that impact you negatively

2. Create and adopt new beliefs that contradict those crappy beliefs

3. That’s it

Easier said than done, although nobody ever says to do that

This process is one of the techniques of Mindset Mastery that I will teach you in my program, the Self-Esteem Solution

It’s not very expensive

It’s incredibly effective

The bad news is that you’ve got to do the inner work on yourself

The good news is that you will gain a level of direction, focus and surety that will astonish you


The Power of Belief

What if none of your beliefs were true? Even the “deeply held” ones…
What would that mean to you?
You might be all dramatic and think that if everything you ever believed in wasn’t true, then what’s it all about?
Or you could frame it as a good thing because then you could purposefully choose to believe the right things for you
The beliefs that would best enable you to achieve your goals
😵 “but what if the beliefs that help me the most aren’t true?”
People always say that to me
Because they don’t know that they’re already choosing their non-legacy beliefs based on their world-view and then justifying them through a cognitive distortion
Very little is objectively true 😧
Too many fancy concepts there, let’s bring it down…
Here’s one very big fucking reason why deciding what to believe can be of huge benefit to you
🔥🔥 You can get whatever you want 🔥🔥
If you have goals but you don’t believe you’ll get them, you stand no chance
If you have goals, no matter how big, and start off with unwavering belief, you are halfway there…
“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill
1. Set the wonderful and amazing goals that you have in your heart
2. Understand where you are now
3. Check out that gap
4. Figure out what beliefs you’ll need to get you there
5. Install those beliefs
You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll start moving towards those goals
If you’ve been treading water for months, maybe years, and can’t quite figure out why
This is why:
✨ Your current beliefs aren’t Aligned with your goals ✨
I’m here to help you figure all this out, because you’ve probably never done this before with any degree of consistency, if at all. Let’s face it, this isn’t taught in schools.
I have a program might suit you called Inspired Life: Rebirth or I’m open to 1:1 coaching if that’s more your sort of thing. 

What’s Your Goddamn Problem?

Whatever you think your problem is, it’s a by-product of actions you’ve taken that were driven by your Mindset.

Unless you change the series of attitudes, beliefs and opinions that created the thing you frame as a problem

You’ll always end up in exactly the same place
This is why people are the same, year after year

🥺Work hard for a promotion, fail the interview, stay in the same job for X more unfulfilling years
🥺You get a coach, learn some strategies, learn that it’s all within, wake up a year later and it’s still within.
🥺Lose some weight, quit the temporary diet, end up weighing the same or more than you did in the first place. WTF!
🥺Dump your inappropriate partner, swipe right on someone who looks hot, it’s the same person in a different body.

Get off that hamster wheel. Please.

Step 1. Figure out exactly what your problem is
Step 2. Isolate the belief system that got you there
Step 3. Change your Mindset to Align with exciting new goals that make your old patterns redundant

This process is so simple even I am able to do it

And I’m the BEST at teaching it

This is one the 3 biggest problems I’ve seen in my clients and mentees over the last 15 years…

Being stuck in a never-ending groundhog day of familiar and unhelpful patterns

My favourite 1:1 intensive will help you break free of this cycle of self-sabotage. I often describe this program’s results as if you were granted 3 wishes and DIDN’T use them like a chump.

A transformational powerhouse of a program including 24 video lessons + supplementary training from my library and 8 1:1 coaching sessions is right now at a “WTAF is going on with the cost of living” low price. As with all my programs, there is an iron-clad guarantee that removes 100% of risk.

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Forgive. For You.

Learning to forgive those who we perceive have done us wrong is extremely difficult

But extremely beneficial

And you don’t need revenge either or accountability or vindication

There’s no profit in feeling bitter or resentful towards anyone else

If you can let go of all those horrible feelings, you are the winner

Next stop

Forgive yourself

That’s the real quiz


Why Aren’t I Moving Forward?

You’re not moving forward because you’re fixated on the past~

🤬 Failed once, won’t try again
🤬 Someone called you a nasty name and you still think about it years later
🤬 You’re trying to achieve something that you no longer want and doesn’t fire you up
🤬 You’re staying in a relationship cos of what you once had together
🤬 You’ve been friends for years and while you get nothing out of the relationship, you’ve been friends for years

Any of these sound familiar?

🥱 Societal and familial expectations
🥱 Tradition
🥱 Unhelpful beliefs
🥱 Relationship conventions

They’re an illusion you give life to by paying them heed

If you’re committed to becoming the person YOU want to be you aren’t going to get there by letting other people dictate how you should be acting.

You get to choose who you are in this very moment

And the next moment and the next


The past doesn’t even have to come into it

  1. Make the firm decision who you want to be
  2. Act like that person as dramatically and histrionically as you like
  3. Check yourself every 15 minutes and think, “Am I being who I want to be”
  4. Every morning look in the mirror and say, “Yeah!” while nodding slowly and arching an eyebrow.

Shedding your unhelpful past and remaking yourself into the kickass genius you always wanted to be is the focus of my Inspired Life: Rebirth program. I often describe this program’s results as if you were granted 3 wishes and DIDN’T use them like a chump.

A transformational powerhouse of a program including 24 video lessons + supplementary training from my library and 8 1:1 coaching sessions is right now at a “WTAF is going on with the cost of living” low price

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