Do you feel that people take advantage of you?

I’ve got GOOD news and BAD news:

The bad news is; that’s on you

The good news is…That’s OK plus you can do something about it instantly πŸ‘Š

The main reason that people allow others to take advantage of them is that they fear rejection

Every day on social media I see some genius posting that you shouldn’t “give a fuck” what other people think of you, while themselves using edgy language to gain some sort of reaction ironically proving how much of a fuck they do give what other people think of them.

Why do people fear rejection? It’s the same fear people have of being wrong Of being second best. It’s the fear of being unworthy, of being a shit person

πŸ€— If a stranger on Facebook calls you a hippy, or a piece of trash and you start to wonder if it’s true

πŸ€— If your crush laughs in your face and you feel bad

πŸ€— If someone has a different opinion to the one you read a book about and are now a world-renowned expert in and you must prove them wrong πŸ₯±

It’s because you’re not secure in who you are

When you are secure

πŸ™Œ It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, even if they think you give a fuck, you’re not bothered

πŸ™Œ The feeling of rejection lasts at most zero seconds

πŸ™Œ People who don’t agree with your expertise are just people with a different level of understanding

and most pertinent of all, and maybe most helpful:

πŸ™Œ You can say NO

You don’t have to babysit anyone’s feelings

You don’t care if people exit your life if you don’t meet their expectations (in fact you might just remove them proactively)

And best of all you can do it without turning into some tedious Edgelord going around telling everyone how much of a fuck you don’t give

Here’s how:

1. Make a list of all your beliefs about yourself that impact you negatively

2. Create and adopt new beliefs that contradict those crappy beliefs

3. That’s it

Easier said than done, although nobody ever says to do that

This process is one of the techniques of Mindset Mastery that I will teach you in my program, the Self-Esteem Solution

It’s not very expensive

It’s incredibly effective

The bad news is that you’ve got to do the inner work on yourself

The good news is that you will gain a level of direction, focus and surety that will astonish you