Never Too Late

Imagine you were 20 years old
You sat down and made a plan for your life
You decided upon half a dozen things you were going to achieve in two decades
And you spent all of your time working towards those things
You changed some of them over the years
But not once did you short-change your future self
In fact because you acted on your goals every day
And reviewed your progress so regularly
You made more progress than you originally planned
When you turn 40…
✅ You’re the envy of your buddies
✅ You don’t have to work for a boss, you’re the boss
✅ You don’t scrape by
✅ You didn’t panic when the virus hit
✅ You’re not stressed
✅ You’re incredibly optimistic about the future 🥂
Now, imagine you didn’t do none of that shit when you were 20
Instead you just partied all the time, worked a crap job
You fell into a couple of promotions
Life’s ok, but you’re unsure about the future
Can you give your kids everything you want?
Can you give YOURSELF everything you want?
Yeah, you can
Do what you should have done 20 years ago
But you’re in an even BETTER position now
You sowed your oats
You drank all the beer/prosecco
You don’t have to worry about those distractions
Just don’t wait another 20 years to pull your finger out of your ass
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