Why Being Right Is Often An Indicator Of Low Self-Esteem

Why Being Right Is Often An Indicator Of Low Self-Esteem

If you’ve ever voiced an opinion on Social Media

You know this to be true:

There’s always someone who will tell you that you’re wrong

Here’s the fun part

If you have even a small amount of self-awarenessYou’ll know that:

You can’t change someone’s mind by arguing at them

Nobody gives a shit about proof

Nobody cares what you think anyway

So arguing is a waste of time

I much prefer

Stating my opinion

Reading your opinion

Living a happy life

If your opinion is different to mine

Big fucking deal

If you have low self-esteem however

You need to PROVE yourself right and bend other people to your way of thinking

You’ll try to be clever and foolishly believe other people are reading your words and thinking “o o he’s intelligent”

You’ll put laugh emojis on imagining that anyone gives a shit

And maybe some people do give a shit, but they’ve also got low self-esteem and need to prove themselves in the court of public opinion

People with high self-esteem are prepared to be wrong

For multiple reasons but the one that’s germane here

Is that being wrong doesn’t impact how they feel about themselves

They don’t need to prove themselves because they have great self-worth

Their self-esteem doesn’t come from what they THINK other people believe of them

But from what they KNOW of themselves

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