How To Get The Christmas Spirit

Two people have told me this week that they don’t have any Christmas Spirit.

“I’m just not feeling it this year,”

They said this as though it was a matter of random chance whether or not they felt this

And that it wasn’t a reflection of their thoughts

I guarantee you that if you completely ignored everything connected with Christmas you wouldn’t feel the Christmas spirit.

Even if before you were ultra festive.

Of course, not much joy in shedding the Christmas Spirit, so here’s how to get into it:

how to get the christmas spirit

How To Get The Christmas Spirit

  • Every time you see a Christmas decoration rejoice in “Good will to all men” and remember that there are people wishing you well who will never meet you
  • Each time you hear a Christmas carol think back to Tiny Tim who melts the heart of Ebenezer Scrooge, “God bless us, everyone.”
  • When you see a reference to Santa, think of the sheer excitement felt by millions of children the world over
  • Whenever you have a negative Christmas related thought change it to something like, “This is the greatest time to be alive and I can make my life into anything I want. The future is in my hands.” And then make a celebratory fist pump.

You’re getting the picture

You get to determine what your spirit is

It’s just that most of the time you’re letting your runaway brain make the decision

Imagine if you could feel any emotion, if you could instruct your mind to feel the most effective emotion for any situation.

Would that be helpful?

Look For Ways To Say Yes

Leaders, Do You Look For Ways To Say “Yes”?

In the decade and a half I worked in Leadership I found that one of the ways you could split managers is:

Those that say “no” because they can
Those that look for ways to say “yes”

I was at an MI (Management Information) review meeting on Friday at a company I work with. One of the points raised was about the colour of some of the text on a performance dashboard.

The users found the colour amber off-putting as it signaled mediocrity to them and asked for it to be changed.

The developer readily agreed to this easy fix, but one of the department managers started going on a rant saying how the users should change their behaviour as he had agreed for the colour to be amber.

I was shocked by this as most companies want to move to a place where they say “yes”

Do you find that Leaders and Managers sometimes say “no” because:

❌It’s always been done that way
❌It’s easier to maintain the status quo
❌They’re afraid to question
❌They have fragile egos?

High performing employees need a voice, they need autonomy and they need leaders with open minds.

Just say “yes”!

Situational Confidence – The Key to Success

How To Create Situational Confidence

Are you an expert in your job but start to sweat if you have to talk about it in front of people?

What about life and soul of the party but become a shrinking violet if you have to speak to somebody new? 😲

You can fix it

You must fix it!

situational confidence

How much money is it costing you when you don’t have the confidence to take that promotion or speak to those clients like you’re the one in control?

How many potential love interests have you let get away because you were too scared to approach them?

Regret is a yucky feeling, my friend

What’s good about situational confidence is that all confidence is situational

We see someone who is confident in meeting people and we imagine that he or she is a powerhouse of self-assuredness in every aspect of life

That’s simply not always the case

They might be absolutely awful in some other areas

Their confidence might even be a sham

There is an attribute that can carry you through all situations, but that’s another story. Happy to talk with you about it.

Do you have an area where you fear to show up?

Drop “SITCH” in the comments and I’ll send my simple and foolproof strategy to overcome any obstacle

A Quick Guide to Success in 2020 🥳

Send your mind forward to December 2020

You’ve achieved everything you wanted to in the past 12 months

Of course, you’re not the same person you were in December 2019

✅ You’ve taken a slew of new actions

✅ You’ve stepped outside your comfort zone numerous times

✅You’ve installed a whole raft of new habits

You’re a whole new person

🔥Write down the things you do every day

🔥Write down the habits you now have

🔥Write down the thoughts you now think

Write them, don’t type them and don’t try to think them

Write them ✍️✍️✍️

Bring your mind back to December 2019

Start doing those things right now and don’t even think about stopping

Until December 2020 when you look over the last 12 months and sprain your arm patting yourself on the back

This cannot fail!