Keep Moving Foward

The Universe isn’t standing still

Waiting for YOU to get off your ass

If you’re not getting what you want

✅You’re not enough

✅You need to improve

✅You must initiate forward motion

It’s tempting to listen to all these people who tell you

That you’re fine the way you are

That you’ve got all you’ve ever needed

That all you need to do is align with your inner self

Blah blah blah 🤮

They’re holding you back

On purpose

Of course, if you want to remain the same

Then you are perfectly suited to the life you have

And your results prove that 👍👍


Make yourself into the person you want to be

By understanding who that is

Creating a plan

Taking the action

And never stopping 🔥🔥🔥

Break Bad Habits With Future Power

Do you ever wonder why you didn’t achieve your goals?

Things like giving up smoking, overeating, drinking, berking about on social media for hours on end

Here’s one reason why

You didn’t believe you would 

You may have consciously believed that when you set the goal, but in your heart you still saw yourself as the same person who did that thing

Your inner vision of yourself hadn’t changed

Heard of something called future pacing?

It’s a fancy NLP term but in this context its about living from the future

In other words, living as though you’ve already achieved your goal

Who is that version of you that doesn’t smoke?

What does he do

How does he act

How does he smell?

And most importantly

How does he think

Figure those things out before making your goal

And adopt them

Act like he does

Think like he does

Smell like he does, all nice and non-smokey

And you’re waaaaaay more likely to succeed

This is number 7 of my 10 step process to setup and achieve inspirational goals

Go to the freebies section and ask me for a copy

Are You Failing Enough

If you never fail, you’re not trying hard enough

Or do you think you’re so awesome that you should win every time?

I’ll have some of what you’re having 🥴

When you step outside your comfort zone and have even a small degree of success, you are 42% more likely to try again.
That can of course be increased to 100% if you know how.

A small part of the secret is to re-frame what you consider to be success.

Stepping outside your comfort zone is in itself an incredible victory, one from which you can take heart.

When you take no action, you ensure your own total and utter lack of success

Try or not, you increase your chance of taking a similar path the next time a choice presents itself.

When you work with me you begin to

✅Transform failure into your personal accelerated learning plan
✅Laugh in the face of “setbacks”
✅Turn rejection and dejection into inspiration and motivation

Inner Game For Goal Achievement

Inner Game For Goal Achievement

Why are you failing to achieve your goals?

I’ll tell you

You haven’t changed who you are, merely what you do

And when that didn’t work quickly enough

You gave up


You need to change what’s inside

Your external self will always mirror your internal reality

Whenever you change how your subconscious/spirit/soul views you

Your physical self will work hard to match

If you see yourself as a smoker or an over-eater or a failure

So shall you be

But should you convince your inner self that you are





That will become your reality

As with every “secret” the concept is simple

the execution, another matter entirely

My coaching program, The Confidence To WIN, empowers you to choose your own beliefs, which in turn re-creates you, on your own terms, from the inside out.

How to Get Out of a Rut

How to Get Out of a Rut

I’m going to tell you how to get out of a rut.

What does it mean to be stuck in a rut?

You’re spinning your wheels and you ain’t getting nowhere fast

You’re doing the same thing day after day

You’re bored


Tired 😩😩😩

This can lead to places you don’t want to go

At the very least you’re wasting your time

how to get out of a rut

I’ve been there

We all have

And if you don’t get past it

You could be stuck for a long time

Your motivation slowly draining away

This is why you MUST take some advice

Get some help

But there is one catch

You have to climb out of the rut with your bare hands

It’s hard

And you WILL get dirty

But so what?

Contact me and I’ll send you my guide to getting out of a rut

Self-Esteem and Attraction

Self-Esteem and Attraction

“𝙔𝙤𝙪’𝙧𝙚 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙪𝙜𝙡𝙮, 𝙮𝙤𝙪’𝙧𝙚 𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙡𝙤𝙤𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙖𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣!”

Have you ever thought this about someone?

Someone who is perfectly attractive and yet insists they have issues with their appearance

I have

Until I realised how self-esteem worked

Because if someone thinks they look bad

No matter how much you tell them they look good

They will think they look bad

You’ve probably been there too

✅You’re having a bad hair day

✅You look fatter today for some reason

✅Your clothes don’t fit right

✅You’ve got a zit even though you’re 37

and your significant other says

“You look fine” 🤮

And you know they’re just saying that

Because in fact you look like shit

I used to feel like that a lot but I had an excellent coping mechanism


Who doesn’t feel more attractive after a few drinks?

Obviously that’s not a permanent solution

So a couple of years ago I happened upon (worked my ass off to achieve) the perfect solution

🔥I did something about it

🔥I changed myself

🔥I assumed control of my body, my mind and future

Self-Esteem out the wazoo

I don’t care now if I’m having a bad hair day

Or if I’ve got a zit and I’m 43

If I’m fat and my clothes don’t fit, well that’s a matter of poor planning on my side so I became more organised

And anyone who’s willing to put the work in

No matter how good looking

Or otherwise

They think they are

Can do the same 😀

PM me or drop “NICE” in the comments and I’ll start you off with 3 tools to significantly increase your attractiveness levels with the minor long-term side effect of increasing your self-esteem

Stress Management with Self-Mastery

Stress Management with Self-Mastery

I have a very different approach to stress management than most people I talk to. I want to note first of all that I’m no doctor and this is what’s helped me and may well help you but for any health issues, a doctor is always a great option.

When I first started becoming successful in the Leadership sphere I began to extend my working hours. I worked longer hours and was always on call, constantly checking my emails and spent much of my time socializing with people from work. I worked away from home a lot and frequently added more and more to my plate in order to prove myself.

All a complete waste of time. Companies are rarely grateful for that level of effort and they certainly didn’t pay me double for working 90 hours a week.

I started having trouble sleeping and my mother noticed that my face was red all the time. My doctor asked me if I was suffering from stress and I scoffed at the thought. I was young, successful and kicking ass, how could I be stressed?

But I was and I just didn’t know it. And I knew nothing of stress management.

Of course it caught up with me in the end and I had to step back from working myself into the ground.

It hurt and I vowed to never let myself get into that position again.

Now, I avoid stress like the plague. Because it is like a plague. It’s dangerous. Lethal even.

Stress Management

Here are 3 incredibly powerful techniques I use in managing stress levels.

Narrowing Thoughts

This is quite controversial as people in my immediate vicinity don’t like it

I try to keep the things I think about to a minimum. This consists of things like:

✅Writing Things Down
✅Utilizing a Calendar
✅Removing the Minutiae

While I forget more things now than I used to I’m fine with it.

Not Taking Things Personally

One thing that really used to annoy me is if someone didn’t have the same opinion as me.

How stupid does that sound when you read it?

In fact a lot of people are like that. If they see something they don’t agree with they try to change other people’s opinions, get into arguments or even impact their relationships in their desperation to be correct.

Now I just don’t care, because anyone can have any opinion. It doesn’t make me wrong or make my opinion less valuable to me.

Where this also helps is when I get “haters”. For example when someone

😡Doesn’t like the way I drive
😡Doesn’t like something I write on my site or social media
😡Doesn’t agree with my thoughts on Self-Mastery or Life Coaching

and sends me an angry or abusive or sarcastic comment or message

I let it wash over me like water off a duck’s back.

I don’t take it personally.

Angry people are angry with themselves, not me. Negative people don’t need me making their life worse by getting adding even more negativity.

I don’t need their negativity either and I refuse to take it on board.

stress management

Say NO

I just say NO

People are astonished at this one

Generally my rule of thumb is:

If it’s not advancing my goals, I don’t do it

This is extremely liberating. I don’t let myself feel shamed into doing anything I don’t really want to.

🥂Say NO to time wasting activity
🥂Say NO to other people’s dramas
🥂Say NO to almost everything

Saying “no” to others is saying “yes” to yourself.

There you have it, you have to be brave to assume control of your life and the harsh reality is that you may lose friends when you do.

But you’ll be taking control of your life and managing your stress for those who most need you.

Totally worth it

Click here to tweet so that other people can start to manage their stress.

If you want to discuss this further or work with me on managing your stress levels, get in touch or reach out on social media.




The more action you take to control that which you can control creates a place where the things you can’t control fall in your favour.

The problem that exists is that we think we can control things we have no agency over and we don’t know the extent of the things we can control.

Here’s one to be going on with:

You CAN’T control other people, how they react or what they think

You CAN control yourself, how you react and the things you think, feel and believe.

How To Reduce Stress Levels

how to reduce stress

November 6th was National Stress Awareness Day in the UK

Ironically, I wasn’t aware of that even though I take very careful steps to manage my stress levels

About 10 years ago, I had a very stressful job

And I started to feel a bit weird

My face was red all the time

I lacked focus

And I couldn’t sleep

My doctor diagnosed stress (As well as High Blood Pressure due to the sort of lifestyle one can adopt when feeling stress) 🥵🥵

A diagnosis I scoffed as I felt fine

Then all of a sudden I didn’t

And I vowed to never feel that way again

Like being crushed by a giant boulder

Ugh! 😢

If you’ve been there you know how debilitating it can be

And the consequences can be extreme

Even fatal

It’s not worth it

You simply must deal with it

I’ve walked away from




Just to prevent that from happening again

Since I discovered Self-Mastery I changed my tactics I don’t avoid stressful situations I just don’t find them stressful any more

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Tell me “STRESS” in the comments or get in touch and I’ll send you 3 of my top tactics for dealing with stressful situations


Life Coach in Newcastle Upon Tyne

life coach in newcastle

I became a Life Coach in Newcastle to help people, which is no rare thing for someone in this profession, but it started off with a very specific group of people.

For 15 years I’ve lived in Newcastle Upon Tyne and have grown to look upon this city as my home. You only need to speak with me to know I’m not a local, but my fondness for the people of Northeast England shouldn’t be underestimated. My children will grow up as Geordies and their mother is about as dyed-in-the-wool a Novocastrian as you can get.

There is one thing I would change in an instant.

The fixed mindset.

There are many factors that contribute to the preponderance of the fixed mindset in this part of the world and I’m not going to delve into them. My knowledge of the socio-political landscape is surface-level at best and I’m sure some brainbox would jump on the opportunity to shove my ignorance in my face.

Local Life Coaching

It’s enough to say that, globally, self-belief is a rare commodity and equally so in this wonderful corner of the world.

Many people just don’t see their potential.

They doubt the possibility of social mobility

They don’t believe in themselves

But I do believe in them and I want to help as many people as I can to break through their social conditioning, smash through the fixed mindset and assume control of their lives.

It’s also fair to say that as a Life Coach in Newcastle it’s easier for me to work with local folk, simply because it’s more enjoyable and efficient to work with people face-to-face.

You build stronger bonds, quicker and get results faster.

While I’m not the cheapest (and why would anyone want the cheapest) Life Coach in Newcastle, I do consider myself amongst the very best in the UK and I’d like to dispel any misgivings by offering a 30% discount on any 1-2-1 or package coaching to anyone residing in the region.

So you could hire me to help you attain Self-Mastery or take advantage of my mentoring and coaching systems at a greatly reduced price.

Reach out to me and let’s have a brief chat about your needs.